Hello and welcome to Rainforest Relaxation Center.

At Rainforest Relaxation Center, we alleviate aches and pains for stressed-out members of our community, by giving massages and doing bodywork therapies that are tailored to each individual circumstance. The better well-being and increased ease of movement empowers one to perform and achieve more.

My name is George. I specialize in chronic pain relief and injury rehabilitation. I will listen to your problems and focus on your trouble spots. I also do work in energy healing, allowing me to work beyond the physical aspects of health. I can provide private lessons in qigong and relaxation training and am also available to teach stress management workshops.

My name is Helen. You will experience deep relaxation from my massages. I am known for having strong hands and am great at locating your knots and releasing them. I frequently work with hot stones to facilitate relaxation. My style is different from other therapists in that I actually stroke using the hot stones, instead of laying the stones on the back.

My name is Steven. I was formerly a doctor in China and used to practice acupuncture. I have been giving massages for over 20 years. I have a good anatomy background and can do therapeutic bodywork. My style of my massages are very intense and rhythmic. I work on the entire body and do lots of stretching.

My name is Tony. I used to be a physical education teacher in China, where massaging injured athletes was a requirement in the curriculum. I specialize in rehabilitation and recovery from injuries. I am confident in my therapeutic skills, as I've been practicing massage for over 10 years.